Monday, December 26, 2011

Wayne: The rabbit let loose in a parking lot.

When he was found, he was bare bones and dirty. Luckily I answers an ad at the local post office with an attempt to help a lost rabbit. Because I already had two and a few rabbits over the years, I thought I could give some advice to a lovely woman and her family who decided to rescue a bun on the run.....well Wayne has now become a member of our family. It was hard not to. He was so scared, thin and weak I was aghast. Now he has become the life of our little family. He has his own room, because I recently learned that two male buns aren't the best at getting along. He is more like a dog. Some bun who loves to be chased and play and socialize. He is so welcoming, loving and affectionate.
I am both appalled and glad his previous owners gave him up, simply because I am in his company. He is fantastic, loving and oh so fun.
To those who feel they can not keep a bunny, please do not release them 'back into the wild'. House rabbits can not survive on their own and will likely suffer a horrible death. There are other ways of surrendering bunnies. Rabbit Rescue for one.

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