Monday, December 26, 2011

Nutmeg: The 25 pound Flemish Giant

Nutmeg, my lovely Flemish Giant. He was also a shelter bun. I was living in Waterloo when I had a dream about a rabbit waiting for me at a shelter. I can't say that I am someone who believes in random messages though dreams, but I couldn't shake it. I decided to call the shelter. Lo and behold, they had one rabbit. When I went to see him I knew I couldn't leave him there. He took up half the cage and didn't have enough room to move. So on my student budget, I went out and got the biggest cage I could (Which I had to return a few days later because that wasn't big enough either). I brought Nutmeg home much to the surprise of my housemates. I soon realized I couldn't keep him cooped up in student housing so my mom took him for me. She was never a huge fan of pets, and this one was by far the largest. She and my dad ended up bonding with this rabbit so much. He became their third child. He would have almonds with  my dad in the morning and then hop into bed beside my mom until she woke up. Believe it or not he grew even more. This is a 'baby' picture of him. You can tell by the ears, they are WAY too big for his body. He grew into those as well maxing out at 25 pounds. This is a classic Nutmeg pose. Being somewhere is he not supposed to be. Well, its quite ingenious really. Where did my mom keep the fresh fruit and veggies? On the dining room table of course. This is Nutmeg waiting for the arrival of the bowl of many fruits. You can see just how big he is by the size of the newspaper beside him.

He only lived a year and a half however he left a lasting impression on all of those who were lucky enough to have met him. They call his breed gentle giants because that is really what they are. Smart, funny and truly a wonderful bunny. To this day I hope that my path once again crosses with such a loving soul.

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