Monday, December 26, 2011

Bun Profile: Wiggles

An unwanted bunny, labeled disgruntled and difficult. She came to us by chance. The Newmarket shelter had a lot of rabbits, all less troublesome than her, however she chose us. 

From what they told us, she was in a horrible spot. With a dog and small children, kept it a cage most of her life, only taken out to be 'played with". That is where she developed her aggressive nature. Where she learned that humans were not meant to trust. 

She has been with us for almost 2 years now. She has since lost weigh, grown whiskers, and realized she can be petted without consequences. She now flops, and hops, and plays like a real rabbit should. Like she was meant to. Her name is apt. She wiggles her tail when she thinks she is in trouble, when she has done something mischievous, like chewed the clementines box again, but she is nothing more than wonderful. Her love, her realization she is safe and can have whatever food she wants (rabbit safe of course) has made her a sweetheart.  I LOVE the 6 am wake up calls for cereal. If we aren't up by the latest 7am, she will gallop into our room, proceed to chew the loudest thing she can, in turn waking us up if her entrance hasn't, and then follow, constantly underfoot, weaving in and out, till we reach the kitchen, where she will await her morning cereal. Yeah, and to think, they didn't want her. 

She is becoming a bun. A happy flopping in the sun bun. And that makes me very happy. 

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