Friday, May 30, 2014

Why "Nayne" was Eleanor's Second Word

Because he hasn't left her side since she was born. He has always been there. Always in the same room, always close by. Letting us know when she is crying or hopping happily when she wakes.

I never expected such a bond between these two. Goes to show you learn something every day. 


DIY Pet & Toddler Safe Cleaning Spary

One main thing rabbits and toddlers have in common is that they will eat ANYTHING off of the floor. And I do mean anything. 
Being a very mess eater, Miss E. usually throws half of her breakfast, lunch and dinner on the floor. Im constantly cleaning and wiping up leftover food. (Times like these I wish I had a vegan dog). The bunnies are clearly no help. They have learned a new trick, its called "Toss of the hay feeder". Its quite amusing, especially at 4 am.

Im constantly cleaning, whether it be litter boxes or high chairs, or floors, or walls...or ceilings....But I was spending a fortune on all those 'eco friendly' cleaning products. Until that is, I discovered how to make my own.

Its so simple you will marvel at why you havent tried it before.

Ready? Ok

- Half and half of vinegar and water
- 10 -20 drops of a citrus essential oil (lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, etc).
Shake before each use.

Voila. Thats it.

Clean, safe and Bun/Toddler approved without breaking the bank.

Give it a go. Its really that simple :)

Why we LOVE "Nayne"

Hi, Im Wayne, and I can sometimes be a jerk.

I will eat ANYTHING Im not supposed to. Go ahead, try to hide it. I will FIND it!

Ooops, was that your expensive couch?

Yeah, I give you a scare, because I am sure I'm not supposed to eat any of this. 

But I'm mostly juts awesome......and this is why.

Did you know I sleep beside Eleanor every night. I don't leave her side. And I'm always in the same room as she is. If she cries I let her HUmans know by running up to them and getting their attention (They can be slow at times)

I have been guarding her since she was born.
I know she is awesome.

She loves me because she shares her banana with me in the morning. 
She loves me because her second word (after MA MA MA) was "Naynee"

Wiggles and Her Tumor

I found a strange lump on eldest fur-daughter. While I was cutting her nails, I noticed a lump by her ankle. This got me worried because I trim her nails every month and I have not seen it prior.

It didnt seem to bother her at all or affect her galloping around. In fact, she had been more active than usual. But I was worried. As you may recall, my past experiences with rabbit savvy vets have been dismal at best. But thankfully I found a vet though a Rabbit Fair. So, Wiggles, Connor, Eleanor and I made the long trek (hour drive) to the heart of downtown Toronto to get Wiggles checked out.

The vet was really reassuring and helped put our minds at ease. (Its not always cancer) but she would need surgery to have it removed. Being 8 years old, Wiggles is an octogenarian. The vet and more so I, was worried that she may not be strong enough to make it though. I made a deal  with them that as soon as she was out of surgery to call me so I could pick her up. I know my rabbits, I know what they want and need. Wiggles, always wants food. And the company of Connor (hence his presence on this trip).

The issue of the bill came about. At the time I was working part time, barely making ends meet but I honestly did not care. Wiggles is my baby, she is in need of this, so regardless of the cost, I was going to do everything to make sure she would be ok. I told the vet this too. I'm not made of money, but when it comes to my babies, money is no objection.

The surgery was scheduled for a week later. I was nervous but always had hope.
I brought my Wiggle Bear to the vet first thing in the morning. Armed with a bunch of fresh dandelions, blueberries, hay, water, bunny kibble, soft blankies, a stuffed toy that had some of Connor's fur on it, and the best bunny carrier money can buy, I left my baby in their strong capable hands. I left one and only ONE clear instruction.

SIDEBAR: reading this blog you may have noticed that Wiggles LOVES food. I mean she LOVES it. She is not like any other bunny that runs to food, she BOLTS with lightning speed regardless of what you are doing. She has always had a healthy and happy appetite.

My only request was to ensure that she had food available to her at all times.  Hence the offering of fresh fruit and veggie.

I watched the clock all day. Called and left messages. Wiggles made it though surgery but was still not fully out of it. I waited a bit more...and more...till 6PM rolled around. Now I was getting antsy. I did not want her to stay overnight. She is in an unfamiliar place, not with her family, she needs to feel safe to begin to heal and recover. I went with Eleanor in tow, to get Wiggles. They were reluctant to let her leave since they said she had not eaten anything. When I asked if they had given her any of the food I bought they said no. :/

Naturally no bunny likes the taste of Critical Care. Even Wiggles will protest. As soon as I was able to see her, I offered her dandelion leaves and with as much enthusiasm as a poor frail bunny who had just come out of a long surgery day and a doggy barking  vet hospital could muster, she chowed it down with glee.

Lesson: A bunny momma knows best :)

The best part of all of this was that her lump was not cancerous (Yes, I spent the extra $200 to get it tested to make sure)

Wiggles is back to her usual self. Thankfully.

Here she is grumpily accepting our cuddles and affection. Yes, that is a ring sling she is in. She feels really secure in it. Yes this was the first and last time I did this.

Wiggles adores the sun. She will find the spot in the house that has a concentrated sunbeam and relish it with a flop. She also enjoys being outside. Here she is with Eleanor in the morning sun. 

Wiggles had a hard life before joining our family.
She still has an aggressive streak when she things she is being threatened but those episodes have decreased with time significantly.

She still eagerly awaits her morning banana. She will follow you and grunt if you dont pet her long enough. She adores her bun-husband Connor. And striking most of all, despite her sometimes still aggressive nature to us and even Connor, she has never grunted, scratched at, or even shown anything less than love towards Eleanor.

We often don't give animals enough credit for their intelligence.

I'm so glad Wiggles is OK :)
May she live another 8 years in love, health and happiness.