Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wiggles' Whiskers Update

The whiskers on his bun just keep growing! They are almost comb-able!

Dandelions in the Snow

Sometimes in snows in April. This greeted me this morning while I was out looking for tasty dandelion leafs for my buns. Lets hope there won't be any more snow greeting me in the mornings this spring.

Hide and seek Wiggles

This is Wiggles, obviously doing a great job hiding from Wayne. He can't seem to locate her.

I demand you give me cereal!

Connor in the morning waiting patiently, for now for some cereal....The look of determination, authority and cuteness makes me give in each time.
He also looks like he is doing some morning bun yoga pose.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Connor in Silhouete

Connor being the lovely gentle bunny he is

Fort Wayne

It aint no ordinary fort, its FORT WAYNE!!!

This is Wayne showing off his abode....and how he can take it apart.

Its literally cardboard boxes covered in blanket, and fort material (sticks and balls)

This is Fort Wayne from the outside....

This is Fort Wayne from the inside....

This is Wayne taking apart Fort Wayne....for the fun of it

And this is Wayne making a Fort Wayne destruction 

Wayne in the Morning

I want what this bun is drinking. Its better than coffee.

Yeah, he is that active. In fact, he id more so on some days.

Morning at the Wigglesworth Ranch

Mornings here at Wigglesworth Ranch are not your typical bun days. They start off like any other with breakfast, but it seems with a twist.

Often after one awakens they are greeted by hungry Rabbits. Unable to make noise, aside from banging dishes or chewing on something they are not supposed to in order to generate a sound that calls for a stern "NO!" they make due with their typical patient wait till the hairless creatures with opposable thumbs awake and can reach the cereal.

This is Wiggles...spotting that I have a plate full of leafy greens......

She then proceeds to run as fast as her little pudgy belly allows towards breakfast....note the carpeting to reduce the slide for her safety and mine!

Naturally, this awakens Connor and they feast and gorge on the bountiful leafy greens.

Connor really LOVES kale and he tends to get a bit defensive around Wiggles, and rightly so since she tends to be a food hog.

Yes, this is how I am greeted daily by this funny, wonderful and loving creature. 
He is playing with his porcupine and shakes his head in between plays to show contentment.

This is Mr. Wayne post petting. He looks grumpy but thats because the flash on the camera is on.

He LOVES carrot tops!


Going......and GONE!

And into FORT WAYNE....more on that later.....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wayne Exploring

Wayne is quite the explored. Not only did he find the ONLY hole to the bottom of the stairs, leading him to a cavernous adventure, but he is also master of the couch. His last name should be Curious! 

Bun Building 101

I bought a bookshelf and was getting ready to put together when guess who should show up to see what was going on...thats right Wiggles. I was hoping she would be able to help. After all, there were a lot of little tidbits she could assist me with....

Mrs. Thang there decided to investigate what I was up to. She not only smelled every piece of new lumber that was carefully laid out on the kitchen floor, but inspected every tool as well...and naturally marked it as her own. 

This is Wiggles and the drill. I mean Her drill.

This is Wiggles checking out the panels of the book shelf....she ran on everything!
Fun times had by all.

She didn't end up helping all that much. She ran away after the drill was in use. I guess the loud noises did not sit well with her. 

This is very much a Wiggles thing. Should you do anything, and I do mean anything, she will be there to investigate. Now if I can only teach her how to use the drill. Wait, maybe that would be a bad thing. Ok, lets start with cleanup first. 

This is the finished product. I must say that Wiggles was quite helpful. 

The Wasp

So on my way to run an errand, I feel what I think is a rock in my boots as I drive. I push aside the random thought of snake and rationalize how no living creature can be in my boot without me feeling it.
I am now at the store and the rock is really irritating me to the point at which I remove my boot in the middle of the store isle and proceed to shake it out. However its not rock that falls out, in fact its nothing at all. It only when I look in my boot that I realize its not a rock, rather its a WASP that has been in my boots from home to the 15 minute car ride in a standard car that has been bugging me.

That is the wasp, post falling out of my boot. In the middle of a shopping store isle.....

Now, being the friggin suck that I am, and taking empathy for the wasp who chose not to bite me, I decide, post calming down and resisting the urge to freak out, to pick up said wasp using the random piece of paper in my purse and place him in the cart. I could not leave him in the middle of the store isle. I mean he could have been squashed. I was not sure if it was my fault that prevented him from being able to fly away or it was the shock from the journey...or perhaps the stench from my feet, but I chose not to think about that.....So he took a ride with me in the shopping cart that is till I hit the flower stand area. I decided to leave him there in the flower pots. I chose a nice orange flower. At this point I used my finger to get him onto the flower. I realized that would be the best spot as opposed to the shopping cart...yeah, flower pot, thats better, right......

Now, I proceeded to shop for a good 20 minutes trying to ignore the fact that I had a wasp in my boots all that time, and now I am displacing a bug from my house to what seems like a million miles away to him...I mean its a stupid bug...ITS A BUG! 

I am not sure what brought me back to the flower section, but I was there. I am not sure what made me look into the same flower pot I had placed the wasp in....but he was still is a  girl to do? Ok, what is a not so sane empathetic girl to do?

I bought the flowers with the wasp. 

Yeah, I am that nuts.

At this point I am getting even more stares from the suburban automatons with their 2.5 kids who are screaming and running down the isles, but I couldn't give a rats ass. The wasp was gonna get out of the hell that is known as the big box store and come back with me, home. Thats right, I am that crazy!

I go to the cash, bring the flowers to the car, go to Ikea, stay there for a good 45 min and proceed to come home....well, guess who else is coming with me....thats right Mr. Wasp!

This is the wasp, that made it from my house, via my boots, to the store, in the store, on a plant, though checkout, though the parking lot, in my car on a 30 minute journey, and now is happily home!

This is why I think I am nuts!!! I had empathy for a silly wasp. I thought, how awful would it be to be displaced from ones clan, in a new area, especially in a concrete world. Bah, I am too empathetic. Its my flaw.

Regardless, he and I both got home...he has had a great adventure and I got a plant out of it. And learned that I am way WAY too empathetic, and a suck. But the Wasp now has a bitchn' story to tell the rest of his friends about a trip in a stinky boot and a ride in a car. I bet his friend will think he is crazy. I still am grateful that he didn't bite my foot. Maybe thats why I got so empathetic. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Connor, post head pet

Hence his aerodynamic head. He gets a little staticky, ok very staticky.
And very camera shy.

Flops on the bed

This is Wiggles demonstrating that rabbits in fact can and will flop and sleep on a bed. I couldn't get a good zoom but you can totally see that white, not so little belly. 
I hope to capture a flop on video one day.

Bunny Butt

Well, what else were you expecting in this post? 

Bun Shenanigans: Pretending to be a foot pedal

This is my husband playing some sort of racing game, alas the pedals. As you can see, there is Wiggles, right by his feet trying to get some foot petting in. I think she got a little jealous of the petals getting more attention than she.

Bunny Emergency Kit Essentials: Stethoscope

This is part of my series of Bunny Emergency Kit Essentials. What one needs in order to ensure that their loving bunnies are well cared in case of an emergency.

Stethoscope! Why? Glad you asked. This is an essential tool for bun health. It allows the user to hear of stomach grumbles in cases where GI Stasis (the shutting down of the intestinal highway) is suspect. If there are good tummy gurgles, the bun is good. I am no expert, but I am going to learn to be for the sake of my little buns.

This is all thanks to my colleagues daughter who goes to nursing school who's friend had an extra one. So this one is the real deal. I feel so pro! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What to do with all those leftover carrots....

....make carrot cake of course!

I found the recipe here of course I adapted it slightly. I used maple syrup instead of sugar and didn't bake two layers (my oven sucks big time and tends to burn and undercook things at the same time. I never though such a feat would be possible but this demon oven sure has found a way...stupid oven). I also had leftover dried cherries and currants which I also added. Soaking the dried fruit in orange juice was brilliant. This carrot cake was nice and light and did not make me feel guilty afterwards.

So yeah, this is what I did with the leftover carrots....I still have about a tupperware full of carrot sticks that are waiting to be made into cake...perhaps whoopee pies next? Thursday might be a baking day after all....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wiggles and Wheatgrass

She attacks this like most carnivores attack a piece of steak after not having eaten for a week.