Saturday, December 31, 2011

The art of the flop

Flops: the physical expression of a comfortable, happy and relaxed bun. They can happen anywhere, anytime and when you least expect it. Its a sign that your bun is comfortable enough around you to let their guard down. You are one of them now.
Rabbits being prey animals are often always on alert so for them to flop in your presence is a great compliment.
There are many flops, the side, the loaf, the stretch, and the ever elusive roll off a ledge in the mooi. (That I wish I had a picture of. It happened this morning with Wiggles of course, but I didn't have my camera ready) 
Here are just some of my faves. As you can tell, some buns, mainly Wiggles, likes to do her napping in quite public spaces (as opposed to Connor who likes to nap in the closet, under the ottoman or on a quiet spot on the bed). Wayne rarely sleeps, he just takes random breaks from playing, running and getting into bun trouble. 

Flop in the box: Notice the bely, the partially eaten cardboard...and the head tilt. We have a sleeping bun here.

The "I've fallen asleep in the sun" flop. One of my personal favourites.

The "I just got startled by the birds chirping so I'm gong to raise my ears in case they alert me to the presence of the squirrel in the front yard so that I may wake and defend my turf" flop. Notice the closed eyes and the perked ears.

The "I've tanned my belly long enough, Im gonna rotate to the other side" flop.

The stretch flop: "I'm too lazy or my belly is too full for me to flop so I will just super-bun it". I love the dangling legs.

The "I just begged and cutted my way into loads of treats and my belly is full so I'm just gonna flop here" flop.

The Super Bun: "I just ran around a whole bunch doing hops, sproings, binkies, side binkies, and some random two wheelies and I'm a bit pooped right now so I will rest my belly on the cold floor" flop.

The side flop: Same as above, but to the side. Note the legs.

Super Bun on the bed. Again, note the dangling legs and the partially eaten carrot tops.

The Loaf or Stealth Bun: Notice the perfectly sleek and rounded loaf. 

The Follow the Sun Flop: Ok, so there is no room to actually flop, otherwise she will be on the floor, but there she is, on the window ledge, enjoying the sun with the lava rock.

The bed flop, while Connor keeps lookout. Note that Connie has also managed to dig a hole though the pillows making a tunnel. He also manages to dig into the mattress releasing its deep underbelly and a new world of mattress maze to explore. More on that later.

The bay window flop: Belly is fully visible so its a legitimate flop.

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