Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Connor: Part deux.

I realize I've posted a lot of Wiggles pics. Frankly its because she likes to hang around. Connor, on the other hand, is a much shyer, quitter and delicate bun.

So I am focusing a post on him and him alone....

This is Connor eating broccoli for the first time. Broccoli is not always recommended for buns, since it may cause gas, which is bad for their delicate digestive systems. However, I have found throughout the years that ALL of my buns LOVE LOVE LOVE broccoli, especially  their leaves. This is Mr. Connie who is always the most proper when it comes to eating food, DIGGING into a florette of broccoli.

Mr. Connie and Mr. Wiggy munching on a bowl of parsley, carrots and some celery (just because Wiggy can't get enough).

Connie is really shy and oh so delicate. But LOVES being petter. Here he is sitting on my lap waiting to be petted. 

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