Monday, December 26, 2011

I dont understand how one could abandon a creature as loving as him. Found in a banks parking lot, my neighbour brought him home. All I did was ask if she needed help. Well, no one had even come to inquire about him despite her posters, so, he became part of our family.

He was so thin and dirty when I picked him up. I fed him right away and let him settle into his new home.  He has since doubled his weight, gotten a lot more comfortable around the house and his feet are now very clean. He is very energetic and intelligent and loves to play chase. He will poke your feet if you don't chase him. He also loves being petted and enjoys our company.

Still boggles my mind that people think its ok to release a domestic rabbit into the wild. These are house rabbits, not wild ones and therefore have no skills to survive in the wild.

Please don't release your unwanted house rabbit in the wild. So you decided to get a cute little bunny for easter for your niece, and you now realize that they are a bit more of a responsibility than you presumed.
You can't just keep them locked up in a cage ....ok, more on that later...but regardless, you no longer want this bun. There are a lot of options, shelters, rabbit rescue groups, you can give them to.
Please don't release them into the wild. If it wasn't for our neighbour Wayne would have either starved to death, gotten hit by a car, or eaten by a wild animal.
Have common sense.

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