Monday, April 16, 2012

Typical Rabbit Feast

Thats right, this is about a weeks worth of fresh leafy greens that my three little bunkins eat. Not shown are the carrot tops I lopped off those carrots (And they will not be eating all of those carrots, in fact, they may not get one this week, why? Carrots are too sweet for a bunny and cause tummy problems) 
Also not shown are the mounds and mounds of hay freely available to much on at all times.
So, what is in the pic? A mound of dandelion greens, kale and wheatgrass, washed, cleaned, and ready for bun munching.

 They have gotten used to getting a plate full of leafy greens in the mornings before I head off to work, and at night before we go to bed. Its a nice ritual and they love getting fresh veggies.

Now it wasn't always like this. We slowly brought their diet up to this. We are still cautions with kale and give it sparingly since it is suspected to cause problems. There is a lot of controversy out there in regards to what one can and can't or should and shouldn't feed a house bun. 

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