Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morning at the Wigglesworth Ranch

Mornings here at Wigglesworth Ranch are not your typical bun days. They start off like any other with breakfast, but it seems with a twist.

Often after one awakens they are greeted by hungry Rabbits. Unable to make noise, aside from banging dishes or chewing on something they are not supposed to in order to generate a sound that calls for a stern "NO!" they make due with their typical patient wait till the hairless creatures with opposable thumbs awake and can reach the cereal.

This is Wiggles...spotting that I have a plate full of leafy greens......

She then proceeds to run as fast as her little pudgy belly allows towards breakfast....note the carpeting to reduce the slide for her safety and mine!

Naturally, this awakens Connor and they feast and gorge on the bountiful leafy greens.

Connor really LOVES kale and he tends to get a bit defensive around Wiggles, and rightly so since she tends to be a food hog.

Yes, this is how I am greeted daily by this funny, wonderful and loving creature. 
He is playing with his porcupine and shakes his head in between plays to show contentment.

This is Mr. Wayne post petting. He looks grumpy but thats because the flash on the camera is on.

He LOVES carrot tops!


Going......and GONE!

And into FORT WAYNE....more on that later.....

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