Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bun Building 101

I bought a bookshelf and was getting ready to put together when guess who should show up to see what was going on...thats right Wiggles. I was hoping she would be able to help. After all, there were a lot of little tidbits she could assist me with....

Mrs. Thang there decided to investigate what I was up to. She not only smelled every piece of new lumber that was carefully laid out on the kitchen floor, but inspected every tool as well...and naturally marked it as her own. 

This is Wiggles and the drill. I mean Her drill.

This is Wiggles checking out the panels of the book shelf....she ran on everything!
Fun times had by all.

She didn't end up helping all that much. She ran away after the drill was in use. I guess the loud noises did not sit well with her. 

This is very much a Wiggles thing. Should you do anything, and I do mean anything, she will be there to investigate. Now if I can only teach her how to use the drill. Wait, maybe that would be a bad thing. Ok, lets start with cleanup first. 

This is the finished product. I must say that Wiggles was quite helpful. 

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