Monday, February 6, 2012

Wayne's got GI Stasis. He is in the ICU

Here is some more information about this: GI Stasis The Silent Killer

My little Wayne has not eaten or pooped a lot over the weekend and it was this past Sunday that I began to really worry. He would eat a bit here and there but his litterbox was unusually low on poop. He was really active and just like his cute little self, but I was still concerned. I stayed up with him all night Sunday feeding him water though a dropper and seeing if he would eat (since its at night that he is most active) He ate some, but not a I had to call a vet.

Monday morning (after googling a list of rabbit savvy vets in my area) I took him on a 30 min car ride. He was given an x-ray and I was told he had a blockage. What I didn't know was that this vet only dealt with neuters and sprays when it came to rabbits. So $300 lesson learned. Call the vet before and regardless of what you tell the receptionist ask them if there is a vet on hand who has dealt with rabbits outside the scope of spay/neuter and if they haven't ask for a vet hospital that does. DO NOT just go by lists online, they are not accurate and unless you ask the right questions they will make you come in regardless. Im mad that even though I told the receptionist that I think he has GI Stasis she still let me come in and see an unqualified person rather than referring me to an emergency hospital like the vet who I saw did.

So we wasted over an hour at that vet, and another hour in transit to one of the three vet hospitals that specialize in 'exotic' pets, which is what rabbits are apparently.

They took him into ICU and said they would call by the end of the day. It was around 3pm that I had gotten home. We got a call at 4:30 and they said that his ultrasound did not reveal the blockage, just the build up of gas. They have him on fluids and are giving him food. He was also given antibiotics which was not on the list that I signed and consented to.  But he has not eaten or pooped. But poor little thing has been in a car or scared in my hands, or on an exam table or his carrier all day long. No wonder.

Naturally Im worried out of my mind and with no sleep since Saturday I can't think straight. They said surgery might be an option but they don't want to go there. I just want to bring him home and keep giving him water and food. He gets stressed really easily so I want him to be back on familiar turf.

They are keeping him in ICU to see tomorrow morning if the gas has moved. I hope with all my heart that he gets better. I feel guilty for not seeing it sooner, for not taking him to the vet the moment I suspected something was off (Friday night, Saturday morning)
But the vets kept saying it looks like we caught it in time. He was still pooping a bit so thats a good sign. He is with doctors so he is well looked after.

I don't know how I will be able to sleep tonight. Breaks my heart knowing he is likely scared in an unfamiliar place and feeling abandoned.

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