Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wayne is Coming Home!!!!

The vet called to say that the blockage aka gas bubble had passed. They did an x-ray because they show masses better than an ultrasound around noon EST. Although he is not eating and getting critical care, there is food in his stomach.
He is such a trooper. He has also been charming the nurses in the ICU. He is quite active and in good spirits, typical Wayne :)

A few things they learned while doing the bloodwork and additional tests:

  • His red blood cells are a bit low, meaning lacking iron. So I will need to give him even more leafy greens
  • His gums are slightly red. I am not sure what this means so I will ask when I see the vet.
  • His heart is a bit enlarged. Again, not 100% sure what this means, but again I will ask the vet.
  • He is definitely more than a year old. We guestimated his age when he came to us as a stray (he was so small and malnourished) so we thought he was younger than he actually was.
I'm getting a care package ready for him consisting of yummy carrot tops. He really loves those, hopefully that will spark his appetite.

I will provide more updates when I have more information. Including hopefully the ultrasound with the blockage.

Its been quite a journey. I can't wait to see my little hopper.

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