Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wayne is HOME!!!

My poor little fella. Such a brave bunny.
As soon as we got home we took him to his room in his carrier. As I was taking my coat off and getting ready to release him from his carrier I noticed that he began to eat the carrot tops we had set in his carrier an hour ago.
I opened the carrier and like everything was a-ok, he hopped out gave himself a little shake and went under the bed (his safe spot). We gave him more carrot tops by reaching under and pushing it toward him and he at the whole thing!!! No only that but he groomed himself and is now resting comfortably.
I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of lettuce, carrots with their  tops, dandelion greens, apples, blueberries (for treats) and baby food (the vet suggested getting some in case we needed to feed him by hand. So I did). I offered him a nice leafy green smorgasbord and a some blueberries (vet said to give him a bit of sugar for energy).

I really hope he keeps getting better.

Something dawned on me during the ride home. The vets said he hadn't pooped. But all of our rabbits are litter trained, and really self litter trained mind you. And so it really did not come as a huge surprise that without a proper litterbox to poop or pee in, Wayne hadn't. They are so accustomed to using it, and especially in stressful situations, it would make sense that they would just hold it in.
Wiggles will run back into the house from frolicking in the front yard (supervised of course) to her litterbox to use it and happily proceed to go back outside to play.
Ok, not all rabbits are like this, but what they all have in common is to never poop or pee where you live. Thats how predators find you. So naturally, when threatened, or stressed, they don't go.

Happy update. He just used the litterbox. Mind you to pee, but its still a great sign. Hopefully the poops are coming soon.

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