Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Bunny in the Basement

Wayne lives in the basement. Not by my choice rather for his safety. I still have not been able to bond Connor and Wayne. Both neutered males but for some reason cant get along. That is Connor does not  tolerate him. So he lives in the basement, the entire domain is his.
We feel guilty because he is alone there most of the time, especially the days my husband and I both work in the office. The other two have each other, Wayne...well, he has his forts.

But luckily most of the time, 3-4 days a week my hubby not only works from home, but in the basement with Wayne. Even during his afternoon naps, my beloved husband will bring his laptop down there and work in the shabby basement of ours that is undergoing renovations....rabbit proof renovations that is.

They get along quite well and I do enjoy the pictures he send me throughout the day.

A funny thing he mentioned to me just yesterday that I had to share.
He will sometimes lay beside Wayne petting him or just beside him for company. Well, rabbit instinct kick in and those moments when my hubby lays down, Wayne keeps a lookout! Thats right. Our little Wayne has bonded with my hubby so much that he is looking out for predators or any other harm that may befall my husband while he is laying down on the floor! Well, its only right since my hubby does the same when Wayne is resting...that is he sits on the floor with his laptop working.

I just thought this was the cutest thing. He not only plays chase and hide and seek with him, but when he finds a new hiding spot, he coys my husband over to come and see!

Wayne is such a smart bunny and I love that he and my hubby have developed such a deep bond.

These pictures below are a collection that my husband had sent me thought his days in the basement with Wayne while I am away at work. I love the updates because they really cheer up my day.

Wayne coming out of his fort for kale.

Wayne loves to snuggle and rest close by my hubby while he works.

A nice flop 

Petting Wayne.

This is Wayne showing my hubby a new hiding spot he found. He cant figure out why however my husband does not follow him all the way in.

He loves to find new hiding places. Luckily everything is rabbit proofed. And if not, well, its my own damn fault :)

Wayne being Wayne!!!

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