Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nap in the afternoon with some banana snacks in between

The buns are often fast asleep by 11AM. Whether they chose under the bed, like Mr.Connor always likes, or in a Mooii like Wiggles, or somewhere dark like Wayner, they all settle in for a long sleep till around 7PM. 

Well, I figured they would get hungry during their hibernation, so I sliced up a banana, an everloved treat by all buns, and offered up as a 'midnight' snack, so to speak.

Connor got to it first and he munched on one quite happily till Wiggles realized there were bananas to be had so she tanked her way into the scene. Connor, pictured below, had to seek refuge in a cardboard box on the bed. 

I did not forget about Wayne. He was happily sleeping away in his fort when I woke him. He was more than happy to munch away on a rare treat.

Although he was getting annoyed by the flash of my camera, so I retreated and let him finish his bananariffic treat.

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