Sunday, August 5, 2012

Connor: Dr. Whitefang and Mr. Lovegood

Connor is quite a complex little rabbit. One of the shyest I have ever met yet when it comes to certain things, like defending his woman Wiggles, he becomes ferocious.

But that is beside the point, this post is supposed be about Mr. Connor taking a walk outside.

He has been really shy and scared especially of the dogs. He would not leave my side, as evident in some previous posts. However today, look at him go. He was running, digging and playing all over the back yard!

He was hesitant at first, but then found the shade to play and frolic in.

Connor Digging

He bolted a lot and was having fun.

My husband bought Wayne outside so we can do some bonding....Connor heard...
If you look close enough, you might be able to see Wayne in the background.

Wayne beside the playhouse and my hubby in the background.

Wayne was playful too and not scared, he was checking out the playhouse while Connor looked on....promising...

They hopped and played....then DISASTER....Connor attacked Wayne right after this picture was taken.
I dropped everything and my Hubby and I broke the fight. They were literally rolling on the lawn

This is Connor post fight.
There is sap stuck to his foot and overall he is OK but in BIG trouble.
Wayne luckily was OK too and was allowed to keep playing outside.
Connor on the other hand was promptly brought back in.

My wonderful Hubby making sure Wayne is OK.

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