Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bun in Sweater

When I heard my sister in law was pregnant again I decided to expand my knitting skills from scarf and  hat to include baby sweater. Luckily my local knitting gathering place (Lettuce Knit) had classes just for that. So naturally I joined. 

After many MANY months and several attempts and re-attempts I had a finished product. However my niece just turned one a month ago and no longer fits into a newborn baby sweater. Thats right, it had taken me a year and a half to knit the bloody thing. And you can still tell its not perfect because the arms are too short and there is a wonky line near the bottom. (I purled rather than stitched for a couple of rows but there was NO WAY I was gonna redo it at this point)

Hence why Mrs. Wiggles is wearing the sweater. 

Its ok, Im well onto my next project, a Hexipuff Blanket (AKA Beekeepers Quilt) 

I only have about 300 more to do so at my rate it should be ready when I retire in 70 years. 

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