Monday, January 2, 2012

Wiggles' Whiskers

When we first adopted Wiggles, we noticed she had no whiskers. I've never met a Rex before, so I didn't think much of it. Maybe they didn't have any. Her fur is already thin and short, perhaps its just her breed, so I thought.

After a few months, especially after getting Connor with his gallant whiskers, we noticed Wiggles started to grow 'something' around her face. It looked like some strands of fur were getting a bit longer than the others....then they kept growing a bit more, differing in colour from the rest of her face. She started looking more like a teenage boy trying desperately to grow some facial hair. It then dawned on me that she may have lost her whiskers while at her previous place due to stress. We were told she had lived in a house with a dog, and she was quite disgruntled and defensive (sure signs of abuse), but I never imagined it would manifest itself in lack of whiskers.

As you can tell, via the progressive pics below, she has come a long way. Her stubby little whiskers are growing longer and longer, albeit wonky and still nowhere near her body width for them to be more useful, but she is trying.

The last three pics I took today, again, in the sun, belly full, content as can be. I couldn't decide on which to post because in each one she looks a bit goofier, especially with the gnarly whiskers.

Way to go Wiggy, keep those whiskers coming. 


  1. I have been reading a few of your bunny posts, as me and my boyfriend have just adopted 2 amazing bunnies and have been scouring the internet for advice and other bunny owner stories. Your posts are absolutely amazing and inspiring. The love that you put into your bunnies is inspiring since most people do not seem to understand they are just as important and need just as much love and support as dogs and cats. Your bunnies looks very happy :) We look forward to the day when our bunnies are more used to us like Wiggles is since we don't know much about their past and they still seem rather skiddish around people (though with each other they are adorable). Best of luck to you and your bunnies :)

  2. Thank you for your very kind words. Congratulations on the adoption!
    There are a few good sites like the House Rabbit Society and some smaller grassroots rabbit advocacy groups that have a lot of information. But Im sure you have come across them in your searches.

    My advice with adopted rabbits is patience. They will come around. It took almost a year for Wiggles to, and she came from a stressed home. Connie is very skidish. I think its his breed (Small hotot/angora mix) I find the smaller the buns the more skidish they can be. Although Connor learned a lot from Wiggles. She is quite brave most of the time and will go off exploring the house while Connor runs under the couch should he hear an unusual noise. But he has gotten better. Connor no longer runs away from us when we walk by, he in fact waits patiently to be petted. We kept positive reinforcements going. Example, I walked by Connor, he would get scared, run away, so we started to offer him treats. We use the clicking technique (clicking with your tongue to indicate food or a positive reinforcement). It took him some time to come around, but he now runs to us eagerly awaiting to be petted.
    I'm very excited for you two. You will see them come around, and its amazing what a few weeks or months can make.
    They will learn to trust you both once they realize that what they went though in their past home is not the norm and you two love them and they are safe. I think that is key.

    Once a 'prey' animal feels they are safe, food and water are available, they will blossom and show their true personalities. All three of my bunnies to this day surprise me and reveal a bit more about who they are. Its really wonderful.

    Please feel free to keep in touch. I would love to hear more about your bunnies and we can certainly share information and tips.