Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Rabbits?

I mean, you can get a perfectly normal dog, or cat, and not have to deal with these issues....

Wiggles parked by the model Dodge Viper GTS blue with white racing stripes. Can't tell if she is pretending to  be a car, hiding from Connor or is just enjoying a newly found spot form a higher gazing point.

Bun Cons:
  • They may chew things like cords, and when one plugs in said cord unknown of its chewed nature, one may get zapped....
  • They are not always good around kids since kids tend to scare them or hurt them or cut their ears off with scissors...yes, Ive seen this happen
  • They are alert at night. They are most active during the night, but sleep most of the day/night
  • They shed twice a year, sometimes more
  • They hop, not walk like cats or dogs
  • Rabbit savvy vets are not always easy to find
  • Their poop is round
  • You need to cut their nails.
  • They don't always like being picked up
  • They are 'prey' animals therefore get scared a lot
  • Alfalfa, bunny kibble and treats....foods a rabbit must always eat

Bun Pros:
  • They are really REALLY cute
  • They practically come litter trained (rabbits like to do their business in one soft fluffy place)
  • They can be affectionate like a dog or cat but don't need to be walked to poop like a dog
  • They are really smart (more than given credit for)
  • They are clean pets (as long as you are a clean human who changes a litter box once every couple of days or so)
  • They HOP!
  • They don't meow or bark
  • Their food does not smell
  • They are really friendly
  • Super playful!
  • Their poop is vaccumable and does not smell!
  • They are not the normal cat/dog and have amazing personalities
  • They will lick you when they are happy to show affection
  • They beg for treats like cereal and hop at the excitement that you are by the fridge and might have something tasty for them
  • They happy hop aka binky (google if you would like to see video)
  • Fluffy, cute and adorable, but you can say that about any pet
  • They don't have stinky smelly tuna or meat breath
  • You can be around them while you are pregnant (unlike a cat)
  • There are many out there waiting for adoption
  • They are curious, funny, have an amazing range of personalities and come in all sorts of breeds!
  • You don't chose them, they chose you
I'm sure Im missing a tonne of pros, but then I will get more on the emotional side rather than the factual.

Connie and Wiggles feasting (hesitantly due to camera nearby) on the last bit of  lettuce of the season. Yes thats lettuce, flowered. It pays to have a garden when you have hungry rabbits.

Connie cuddling

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