Saturday, December 6, 2014

Its not every day you turn 9!

Wiggles, our fuzzy-daughter, turned 9 today. Thats 69 in HUman years. Its surreal to think we have had the pleasure of her company for 5 of those years. She was surrendered 'pet' because her family developed allergies to her. Plus she had a nasty case of the meanies....but that was 5 years ago. And my, how Wiggles has changed.

She now has a loving Husbund, Connor, a warm, safe and happy home. Family that loves her, and she gets as many (or little, it depends on her mood) pets as she little heart desires.

So, naturally we had to throw her a party!

She had 'cake' (lettuce, pears, carrot shavings, raspberries, banana and parsley) No, we did not lite the candle for good reason.

We had streamers, balloons, a banner, even presents! Which Noodles had to show Wiggles how to open. Wiggles even ended up sharing her cake with Connor (so nice of her). She then slept the rest of the afternoon, warm, happy, with a belly full of love.

Happy Birthday Wiggle bear. May your next 9 years bring you even more health, love and happiness.

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