Friday, May 30, 2014

Why we LOVE "Nayne"

Hi, Im Wayne, and I can sometimes be a jerk.

I will eat ANYTHING Im not supposed to. Go ahead, try to hide it. I will FIND it!

Ooops, was that your expensive couch?

Yeah, I give you a scare, because I am sure I'm not supposed to eat any of this. 

But I'm mostly juts awesome......and this is why.

Did you know I sleep beside Eleanor every night. I don't leave her side. And I'm always in the same room as she is. If she cries I let her HUmans know by running up to them and getting their attention (They can be slow at times)

I have been guarding her since she was born.
I know she is awesome.

She loves me because she shares her banana with me in the morning. 
She loves me because her second word (after MA MA MA) was "Naynee"

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