Saturday, May 5, 2012

When you know you aren't wanted

We have limited time on this world. Some of us lucky ones can choose how to spend our precious daily moments. As do those around us.  So when one isn't fond of spending time with you, don't take it personally.

Some prefer to spend their time with Cats or Dogs. Someone familiar. Someone that is 'normal', someone perhaps that doesn't challenge the status quo. Someone that will eat their canned food, who will take you on your normal routine, someone who will not cause a fuss or change how your perceived notion of a suburban life should be.

To those who aren't Cats or Dogs, to those of us, who are Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, or any other creature that may fall outside of the norm, don't take it personally.  Be who you are. Hop, flop, crawl, slither, run in a wheel, but don't change who you are. You are perfect to the rest of us who are non status quo.

Its our one year anniversary of having Wayne. His BUN Day into our lives, so to speak. Blessed Mr. Wayne. He came into our lives because someone didn't want him. They abandoned him in a parking lot for whatever reason. They didn't want him, but I sure as hell did.

I never intended to get a third bunny. I never had more than one. But one abandoned bun after another what can a one do.

If you know what it feels like to be an outcast, someone who goes against the norm, someone who challenges the status quo, who questions, who does not abandon their morals to fit in, someone who despite being told they are worthless, still stands their ground, well my friend, you are a rabbit like we are.

Don't let the opinion of others influence your self worth.

Just like a rabbit, a prey, a 'meat' animal, you are more than your label.  Don't let them label you.
Don't let anyone tell you what your worth is!

Those close around you may not see your true value, but the rest of us do. We may not be the norm, but thats what makes us special and wonderful.

So, if those that didn't care for Wayne didn't want him, I am more than grateful that they gave him up and I came across him. I am grateful for the people that chose to abandon Wiggles because she was too aggressive, and to those who threw Connor out in the trash, because now they are apart of my family.

It doesn't make them bad people. It just doesn't make them rabbit people who understand, don't judge, and can think outside the box and will aways be accepting of who you are.

So, to the people that abandoned Wayne in a parking lot. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing really well. He has his own room and jumps for joy in the mornings when he sees us. He is really playful and does a lot of happy hops. He loves being chased and adores carrot tops.

To those that threw Connor and his siblings out in the trash when he was just a few weeks old, thank you. You have given us a wonderful bunny who loves giving kisses and is madly in love with Wiggles. He is gaining our trust daily and LOVES broccoli.

To the family that abandoned Wiggles after having her for 4 years and then getting a dog and developing allergies to her. Thank you. We now have a lovely trusting bunny who for the first time in 3 years does happy hops, loves playing outdoors, eats like a horse and LOVES being petted and paid attention to. (She is currently eating dandelion leaves beside me).

Rabbits and some people may not be for you. But don't treat them like they are worthless. There are plenty of people out there that see their value. People of different ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, religions (as long as they don't harm others) and even animals outside of the dog/cat realm. Outside of the domesticated MEAT FOR ME even? But I will let you deal with that one on your own.

Having said that. Happy one year anniversary Wayne!!! I am so happy to have you in our lives. You are a fantastic bunny. I am so grateful that you do happy hops and shake your head when you greet me every morning. You are such a loving and trusting bunny. Thank you for the nose pokes, the company and most importantly for being you.

This is for you. Its small, its emerging and I hope to make it more of a larger wave, just for you.

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